[plug] Linux on PS/3?

Ronald Jones ronald3791 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 30 13:13:37 WST 2008


I am giving the PS3 demonstration at iVEC.

As Dion said Yellowdog has a nice distro and it is the simplest we  
found to install. It is the one we use.

FC is the best to set up the Cell Simulator in. Use the 32 bit version  
of FC and the Cell Simulator stuff installs without a hitch.



On 30/03/2008, at 10:25 AM, Dion wrote:

> Fred Janon wrote:
>> Has anyone installed Fedora Core on a Playstation 3?
> Um no.
> My understanding was that YellowDog had a nice distro with built in  
> support for the Playstation 3.
> I think YellowDog defaults to an e17 desktop but has KDE and gnome a  
> short install away.
> Is there some reason for wanting to put Fedora Core on it? I would  
> go with whomever has the best out of the box support for the PS3.
> I believe that currently there are no accelerated graphics drivers  
> -- but the nouveau driver writers were having some progress.
> I would be interested to hear about how it performs no matter what  
> distro you get up and running with.
> Good luck.
>> Thanks
>> Fred
> Cheers.
> D.
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