[plug] Samba locking

Nathan Alberti nalberti at gmail.com
Tue May 6 23:15:08 WST 2008

I'm having a small samba (3.0) issue with file locking.

The objective is to have a directory that has files written to it by a unix
process that is shared out via an SMB share. The share is polled
periodically by a process on a windows machine and if a particular file/s
exists it is processed and removed... not the best design but not my doing.

The problem I need to overcome is that the file is being processed before it
has been completely written out to the file system and therefore attempting
to be processed when incomplete.

I have tried disabling oplocks and also veto oplocks for the particular file
suffix but I am still able to move/delete the file while the file is still
being written too.

The configuration I was testing with is pretty basic;

  path = /home/test
  writable = yes
  comment = Test
  browesable = yes
  guest ok = yes
  locking = yes
  strict locking = yes
  veto oplock files = /*.txt/

Any suggestions ? from the Samba docs the veto oplocks should do what I want
but I'm not seeing it work as expected.
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