[plug] eeePC - XP version cheaper than Linux version.

Paul Antoine pma-la at milleng.com.au
Thu May 8 08:56:15 WST 2008

The smaller flash would make a big difference given the price of such
things atm.

Speaking of Myers... I was there the other day when I spied a 20-ish
woman looking at an eeePC with her mum.  Mum wasn't sure... she was
concerned that it have Word/Excel.  Daughter was *very* keen and soon
found Open Office so mum was placated the moment she heard the word

Anyway, the daughter was convinced it would do everything she wants it
to do and mum paid up.

Shhhh... as long as it does what they want in a friendly manner and in a
package that suits them nobody cares if it's Linux or Windows...


Richard Meyer wrote:
> Ok, the Linux version gets you 20GB of flash, while the XP version gets
> 12GB, but WTF??!!!
> It's her at
> http://apcmag.com/windowsbased_eeepc_cheaper_than_linux_one.htm
> Shamelessly stolen from the SA Lug list.
> And there will probably be no more Linux versions sold through places
> like Myers ..... 

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