[plug] eeePC - XP version cheaper than Linux version.

Richard Meyer meyerri at westnet.com.au
Thu May 8 09:30:26 WST 2008

On Thu, 2008-05-08 at 09:15 +0800, Tomasz Grzegurzko wrote:
> On Thu, May 8, 2008 at 8:56 AM, Paul Antoine <pma-la at milleng.com.au> wrote:
> > The smaller flash would make a big difference given the price of such
> >  things atm.
> >
> >  Speaking of Myers... I was there the other day when I spied a 20-ish
> >  woman looking at an eeePC with her mum.  Mum wasn't sure... she was
> >  concerned that it have Word/Excel.  Daughter was *very* keen and soon
> >  found Open Office so mum was placated the moment she heard the word
> >  "Office".
> >
> >  Anyway, the daughter was convinced it would do everything she wants it
> >  to do and mum paid up.
> >
> >  Shhhh... as long as it does what they want in a friendly manner and in a
> >  package that suits them nobody cares if it's Linux or Windows...
> >
> >  Paul
> I'd agree; people don't pay for software, they pay for features and
> functionality. Most don't know what OS their running, it's just the
> data they want to access (their docs, spreadsheets, etc etc).
> In the case of the eeePC, people can see the difference between size
> of hard drive and may be tempted to go with the bigger one, unless the
> sales person isn't sure about the OS if it's NOT windows and sways
> them, then it may just go ahead all the same.....
> Tomasz

BUT - according to the link I gave the Linux version will not be going
to the Myers of the world, only the XP version will. That automatically
means that the prospective buyer (non-technical) gets no choice - he
gets XP or nothing.

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