[plug] Apache Server Alias - revisited

Michael Baker michaelbaker at westnet.com.au
Thu May 8 22:49:53 WST 2008

Setup internal DNS records. Simle and easiest option we do it for the same 

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> On Wednesday 07 May 2008 17:57, michaelbaker at westnet.com.au wrote:
>> Well if DNS was configured right. Apache shouldnt even see the
>> request.....
>> media.mydomain.com. IN CNAME google.com.
>> Would make http://media.mydomain.com open up on Google's web server
>> provided I reload the records with a new serial.
> I try to achieve a similar thing. People use their laptops from home to 
> access
> out webserver which unfortunately does not have a fixed IP address.
> They use http://host.dnsalias.com when connecting externally and
> http://host.mydomain.com when connecting internally.
> The external address does resolve on the internal network, but it is on 
> the
> other side of the router and when this address is used, so requests go to 
> the
> void. External connections have restricted functionality, whereas internal
> connections have full access.
> It would be nice, if host.dnsalias.com would, when used from the internal
> network, translate to host.mydomain.com.
> I tried to achieve this with
> host.dnsalias.com. IN CNAME host.mydomain.com.
> but have not succeeded.
> How is it done right?
> Peter
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