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WolfBite wolfbite_aus at yahoo.com
Sat May 17 11:23:41 WST 2008

seems there is a fair bit of crashing going on with 8.04.

Tested ubuntu 8.04 AND LinuxMint 5 (based on ubuntu 8.04) and both are doing wierd things (and crashes) that wasnt happening in the earlier version
Wont be upgrading mrs computer (currently linuxmint and stable)

Kai <vk6ksj at westnet.com.au> wrote: 'morning guys, girls and those who aren't sure...

I've been running Ubuntu 8.04 Beta since it was released on Ubuntu's 
website, my system has been progressively auto-updating itself so it's 
now updated all the libraries and stuff and now tells me it's Ubuntu 
8.04, ie no Beta coding on here anymore.

I run the AMD64 release, my cousin who I live with runs the i386 
release. I thought there may be something to do with running the Beta 
version, X/GDM would crash sporadically, Pidgin would also crash 
sporadically and, through trial and error I think I figured out there 
may be various website which have code which GDM/X doesn't like, causes 
X to crash back to shell...I tried startx again a few times but nothing 
fully initialised and I only end up with a dark grey screen, escaping 
out of X didn't work so a reset was required.

I know I have some bad sectors on my secondary SATA drive, I figured 
that may be a cause for the random crashes, however my cousin has the 
same problem. As mentioned he's running the i386 release and totally 
different hardware overall, but he's experiencing similar problems.

I was thinking maybe when the OS updated itself from the Beta -> Full 
release code the problems may have been resolved...

My cousins converted himself from Vista to Ubuntu after seeing me using 
it and saying "what's that ?! I thought I thought Linux was too hard to 
use....etc", I initially gave him the Live CD and although that was good 
for a first glimpse it doesn't give an idea of true reaction time for 
programs to open and all that. Anyway, got the all clear from his old 
man and we have Ubuntu dual booting with Vista - he says he likes Ubuntu 
better than Vista... (but his old man's a Windows man, so better not say 
it too loudly :P )

I've downloaded the full ISO from 3FL, various websites say if your 
machine is still running Beta code you'll be prompted to upgrade, I have 
no such prompts and System -> About Ubuntu doesn't mention anything 
about Beta, so I'm guessing she's auto updated to full release.

I've googled around and haven't really found anything that relates to 
our problems but hey, maybe the answers staring me in the face or maybe 
I'm not quite using the right search terms but if anyone has any 
feedback or suggestions I'm all ears.

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