[plug] broadband with linux

Paul Antoine pma-la at milleng.com.au
Mon May 19 08:27:38 WST 2008

Hi Coral,

> It's kind of hard to minimise the length of cable, theres probably about 
> 4-5m between the best spot for the antenna and the powerpoints in my 
> office, even if i had the modem right near the antenna I'd still need to 
> have a long usb cable to connect the modem to the computer.

I understand - might be worth a try anyway if you're a true bandwidth 
junky ;-)

USB cables can be 5m and if you use a hub you can get another 5m and of 
course an extension cord will do the power... </tempt mode>

> I live in a one nerd town I'm afraid, and being a she-nerd I generally
> get wholly ignored in the nerding stakes

Well you're very welcome and not at all ignored here :-)


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