[plug] Interesting - has anyone tried?

Coral and Ben cobel at bigpond.com
Wed May 21 15:57:14 WST 2008

Paul Antoine wrote:
> Bret Busby wrote:
>> It sounds to me, a bit like running a Windows emulator on Linux, to 
>> run MySQL and PostgreSQL and Perl, etc, on top of Windows, on top of 
>> Linux.
>> Why would anyone want to run an emulator on top of an operating 
>> system, to run applications that already run on top of the underlying 
>> operating system?....
> ...assuming this was not a rhetorical question... then it's because 
> you're a developer that prefers to run Linux on your desktop but 
> you're forced by managment to write applications to run under Windows 
> (albeit those apps run under Open Sauce tools.)
> Sigh... the things we do!
> Along that line: a certain university IT department believes one 
> shouldn't use Php because it's not a commercially-supported platform 
> (aka M$ product.)  The result is that research grant $$s would be 
> squandered paying for software that's simply not needed... which is 
> why I'm helping resist such silliness ;-)
> In my experience you must pay for a silver, gold or platinum support 
> contract from a commercial supplier before they'll even look at a bug 
> you report or problem you have, and even then they'll finger-point at 
> the hardware provider who will do the same. The commercially-supported 
> argument is a furphy!

SO, so true! years ago I rang Microsoft for tech support with win98 and 
after being told they were charging me $25/hour for the support the 
"answer" was, it is a hardware related problem. Guess what the hardware 
manufacturer said?

story ends with problem never being solved...

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