[plug] Interesting - has anyone tried?

Paul Antoine pma-la at milleng.com.au
Tue May 20 17:15:44 WST 2008

Bret Busby wrote:
> It sounds to me, a bit like running a Windows emulator on Linux, to run 
> MySQL and PostgreSQL and Perl, etc, on top of Windows, on top of Linux.
> Why would anyone want to run an emulator on top of an operating system, 
> to run applications that already run on top of the underlying operating 
> system?....

...assuming this was not a rhetorical question... then it's because 
you're a developer that prefers to run Linux on your desktop but you're 
forced by managment to write applications to run under Windows (albeit 
those apps run under Open Sauce tools.)

Sigh... the things we do!

Along that line: a certain university IT department believes one 
shouldn't use Php because it's not a commercially-supported platform 
(aka M$ product.)  The result is that research grant $$s would be 
squandered paying for software that's simply not needed... which is why 
I'm helping resist such silliness ;-)

In my experience you must pay for a silver, gold or platinum support 
contract from a commercial supplier before they'll even look at a bug 
you report or problem you have, and even then they'll finger-point at 
the hardware provider who will do the same. The commercially-supported 
argument is a furphy!


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