[plug] Job: ICT Manager Batchelor Institute

Dennis J dennis_z at fastmail.com.au
Fri May 23 10:00:58 WST 2008

Hi pluggers,

[I noticed there were some job ads in the archives, and I trust this
posting conforms with the interests of the list].

Batchelor Institute is an institute of Indigenous tertiary education, 
with headquarters 100 km south of Darwin in the NT. Batchelor is seeking 
applications from people interested in the job of ICT Manager for the 
whole Institute.
While the desktop and server environment is (currently) predominantly 
Windows, experience with virtualisation and Unix/Linux would be

A key attribute would be openness and an ability to work creatively with 
non-mainstream cultures, both in the broader social sense (Indigenous 
vrs Non-indigenous) as well as in a narrower Information Technology 
sense (Windows, Mac, Unix/Linux cultures, as well as open source and 
proprietary cultures).

Batchelor runs some Linux servers, and open source apps like moodle, 
drupal and mediawiki.

The official job advertisement has been posted to various sites...


Be inspired, take the challenge, and test your mettel, put in your 
application! Closing date is 30/05/2008, see above web links for


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