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Sun May 25 16:10:44 WST 2008


Just to add, I have also heard other people reporting the crashes but have
not experienced it myself... On my desktop PC I am running Ubuntu 8.04 AMD64
and on my laptop I run Ubuntu 8.04 x86..the laptop has been running since
before the Beta was released and i've just been apt-get updating it as I go
along... the desktop PC I did a fresh install about 5 days ago.


2008/5/25 Dion <tenzero at iinet.net.au>:

> I haven't seen this: I'm using KDE4 on Kubuntu 8.04.
> However, I would be inclined to ask if the same machines crash if they use
> kdm/X instead.
> That way we know whether the problem on those machines is todo with X or
> gdm.
> D.
> Brad Campbell wrote:
>> Kai wrote:
>>  Currently enjoying Ubuntu 8.04 overall, but still trying to figure why
>>> GDM/X crashes sporadically...
>> It seems I've heard this from a load of different people. I'm running it
>> on 3 different machines and I've not seen it yet personally.
>> Is anyone else seeing Ubuntu 8.04 X crashes??
>> Brad
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