[plug] wireless internet

Kev kdownes at bbnet.com.au
Mon May 26 13:52:48 WST 2008

Hi PLUGgers,

I live in Albany.  Where I am I'm unable to get a landline DSL - pair 
gain system which Telstra has no intention of upgrading.  Besides, the 
infrastructure is old, decrepit and there aren't enough lines to give me 
a pair for myself anyway.  Bear in mind too that Albany has no ADSL2 or 
2+.  I recently signed up with BroadBandNet (bbnet.com.au) - big 
mistake!  The other wireless operator that I know of in Albany is Ocean 
Broadband.  BBNet is so bad that I often (maybe 50% of the time) can't 
even get 1Kbyte/sec download speed.  Of the remaining 50% it seldom, if 
ever, gets better than 20Kbyte/sec, but usually around 10.  I have a 
couple of friends with Ocean and they have the very same woes.  In fact 
I'd be very surprised if they're not sharing infrastructure, coz BBNet 
became infinitely worse and less reliable after Ocean started here a 
couple of months ago.

I know that Telstra do some kind of system on NextG (or whatever it's 
called).  Does anybody know if I might have any more options other than 
satellite?  For instance, do Optus do a competitive product to the NextG 
thingy?  My web access is so limited that I can't even search the web 
for answers.  Email is all I have for the time being.


Kev Downes
kdownes at bbnet.com.au  ph 0404 7 0808 2
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