[plug] wireless internet

Coral and Ben cobel at bigpond.com
Mon May 26 14:42:57 WST 2008

I use nextG right now for internet, Ive mentioned before about the car 
kit antenna on my roof (boosts reception from almost none, to some...), 
but for the sake of interest (as much as I hate telstra) I can not 
complain about the nextG internet. The modem works fine with linux, 
although it is not supported for linux by them, and the service has been 
fast and reliable - and also if you are a bigpond member you have access 
to their file library which is a fast server that hosts many many large 
files including linux isos software etc and downloading anything from 
the file library doesnt count towards your monlthly limit - and you can 
request they mirror anything on the internet for you, generally anything 
that is most kinds of 'free' will be mirrored there for you

they do however make you pair an unfairly high price for the service.

I got a call from dodo the other day trying to flog me some services - 
they might be worth investigating apparently they are now offering 
wireless broadband too at half the cost of telstra with twice the data 
usage, however I never recieved my promised callback regarding coverage 
in my area...

Kev wrote:
> Hi PLUGgers,
> I live in Albany.  Where I am I'm unable to get a landline DSL - pair 
> gain system which Telstra has no intention of upgrading.  Besides, the 
> infrastructure is old, decrepit and there aren't enough lines to give 
> me a pair for myself anyway.  Bear in mind too that Albany has no 
> ADSL2 or 2+.  I recently signed up with BroadBandNet (bbnet.com.au) - 
> big mistake!  The other wireless operator that I know of in Albany is 
> Ocean Broadband.  BBNet is so bad that I often (maybe 50% of the time) 
> can't even get 1Kbyte/sec download speed.  Of the remaining 50% it 
> seldom, if ever, gets better than 20Kbyte/sec, but usually around 10.  
> I have a couple of friends with Ocean and they have the very same 
> woes.  In fact I'd be very surprised if they're not sharing 
> infrastructure, coz BBNet became infinitely worse and less reliable 
> after Ocean started here a couple of months ago.
> I know that Telstra do some kind of system on NextG (or whatever it's 
> called).  Does anybody know if I might have any more options other 
> than satellite?  For instance, do Optus do a competitive product to 
> the NextG thingy?  My web access is so limited that I can't even 
> search the web for answers.  Email is all I have for the time being.
> Tia
> Kev

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