[plug] Greetings

Coral and Ben cobel at bigpond.com
Mon May 26 14:49:38 WST 2008

I have had both sattelite and now wireless internet and I can make 
limited use of skype but the calls have a time lag. I did use Gizmo with 
dial up internet a while ago and that was actually fairly usable even on 
dialup, but try getting your family who think skype is the bees knees to 
switch to something else...

generally speaking internet service including voip outside of metro 
areas (and I include the larger country towns in that term too) is abysmal.

the governments 'broadband guarantee' has been a large waste of money 
directed at getting country people to embrace sattelite internet, by 
fooling them into thinking it is as good and as cheap as adsl in the city.

Kev wrote:
> Unfortunately some of us can't get a connection good enough to handle 
> voip.
> clare wrote:
>> How many of these remote people have cheap long distance calls via voip?
>> Is a teleconference phone call feasible?
>> And no I don't know anything about how it is done.
>> clare

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