[plug] not too dumb I hope

Kev kdownes at bbnet.com.au
Tue May 27 17:55:14 WST 2008

Thanx gize.  That's set my mind at rest.

Kev wrote:
> Hi all,
> I hope my question isn't too dumb, but I just can't visualise what's 
> going to happen when I virtualise my idea.
> Say I have 2 physical HDDs, /apart/ from the drive where my system and 
> home directory is mounted, and each of which has only 1 partition.  If 
> I mount one as, say, ~kev/music and another one as 
> ~/kev/music/favourites will there be any collision of any sort?  For 
> instance, when I check how much space I've used on each will the 
> figures for ~kev/music also include whatever stuff is in 
> ~/kev/music/favoutites?  While the latter is a separate HDD, it is 
> mounted as a subdirectory of the former.
> I think my seniors' moments are coming all too frequently now-a-days.  
> My head gets in a spin just trying to visualise what it is I'm wanting 
> to do.
> Tia
> Kev

Kev Downes
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