[plug] Dell Inspiron Mini 9

Gregory Orange gregory.orange at metoceanengineers.com
Mon Oct 20 16:54:21 WST 2008

sothisistheinternet wrote:
> On Mon, Oct 13, 2008 at 1:43 PM, Gregory Orange
> Asus 1000H and 901 Linux and XP all come with 1GB RAM, and can take up
> to 2GB by replacing the supplied module. Some really good deals
> available on these now if you know where to look.
>> Looks pretty reasonable. I still prefer the HP, and would buy one if it
>> weren't for the 1.2GHz Via CPU and the $800 price tag.
> You're in luck! 1.6GHz models of the HP 2133 are out and start at $545
> after $100 cash back from HP. This is from the OnlineComputer advert
> from today at the overclockers.com.au forums (free to register,
> interesting forums, PLE and Netplus advertise there as well, plus
> there're these member discounts...).

I ummed and ahh'd a whole lot, and bought a 1000H.
> You'd have to import the 1000 and the warranty is not an international
> one. It's got an SSD instead of an HDD, too, but then again it is the
> linux version!
>  PLE has the 1000H for $549, which is an excellent price, although
> some JB salespeople once seeing this will undercut by $20 or so
> dollars, same with HN.

And PLE have them in stock, and they deliver for only $9. I've bought 
one! Should arrive this week. Thanks for the tip, $600 was the cheapest 
I'd seen them (I'd also seen $750 and $1200!), but I must have neglected 
to look at PLE.


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