[plug] Fax server options

Harry McNally harrymc at decisions-and-designs.com.au
Tue Oct 21 11:41:17 WST 2008

Jon Miller wrote:
> I still get plenty of requests to send or receive faxes.  I try to tell them
> to use pdf files in emails.

Hi Jon

Is it an argument though that point to point telco transmissions of a fax are
more secure than email (to send credit card details and so on) ?

It's an assumption I've made in the past and it may be that this is the reason
for the requests from your clients. You may need to question the reason for
wanting faxes to either allay those security concerns or accept that faxes are
more secure.

I'd still be interested to know if telco wires carrying fax tones are more
secure than bits wandering through the network cloud. I've got in mind that
having a character down a Telstra pit with a buttinski is less likely that a
router somewhere in the email transmission path being owned by someone
anywhere on the planet. Similarly, I'm assuming that telcos can keep their
exchange equipment and voice switching paths more secure. This may be a
misplaced confidence in the telcos.

A quick "fax more secure than email" gave:


The point above is more that a fax document can be scissors and glued to be
anything. Questioning your client might reveal corporate transaction policies
with nebulous merit. The comments below the blog are a good jumping off point :-)

All the best

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