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Richard Meyer meyerri at westnet.com.au
Tue Oct 21 15:26:03 WST 2008

On Tue, 2008-10-21 at 15:14 +0800, Mike Holland wrote:
> Blake Munro wrote:
>  > Once you use the program to extract the ISO to your USB drive and make
>  > it bootable, it simply boots like a live CD, so you can try before you
>  > install.
> OK, that sounds promising. thanks.
> Richard Meyer wrote:
> > Dunno, but I'd hardly classify the X series as netbooks,
> Well, they are small and cheap (used).

Exactly why I bought mine.

> An X31 or X40 is comparable in specs to the larger current netbooks.
> X40 with 4-cell is 1.2kg. Less with an SSD.
> Of course a new X300 is in a whole different category.
> > and I have full Mint KDE installed on my X30, where it works fine.
> > Had to use a USB DVD drive, though.
> That's USB-1 isn't it?  Take a while?

Well, luckily it's one of those distros that updates and upgrades itself
over them thar interweb pipes, so I'll only ever have to install
once ...  ;-)

> I had an older X23, and used netboot to install Linux the first time.
> Then I realised it was much easier to just put the hardrive in another 
> laptop, install, move then hard drive back, and change a few config
> settings. I think now Ubuntu will auto-detect everything on boot,
> almost like the live-CD.

I've run into problems with this before, and that was moving from a
single-processor AMD 64 to a dual-processor AMD 64 chip. Fortunately
then, SMART started screeching that the disks were both almost broken,
so I did a clean install on a new disk.

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