[plug] virtualbox

Dion tenzero at iinet.net.au
Sun Oct 26 21:41:45 WST 2008

Just a thought.

The other users profile for virtualbox, may need to be pointed to the 
virtual hard drive file.
Is your virtual hard drive file in your $home?  If so, it may not be 
accessible to others.


Gavin Chester wrote:
> Humour me - I know this is me being lazy and a classic need to RTFM, but
> I know you guys are good for some spot-on quick answers ;-)
> Having installed virtualbox to get some dreaded windoze-only apps
> functioning, can the virtual machine be made available to all users?
> When logging in as another user the virtualbox is on the menu, but the
> xp install done by me doesn't show up as a machine for them. Do I really
> have to install xp for each and all users? Thanks, people.
> Gavin 
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