[plug] Altering Gains on Multiple Audio Files

Daniel Pittman daniel at rimspace.net
Thu Apr 2 07:36:00 WST 2009

"Daniel J. Axtens" <danielax at gmail.com> writes:

>> Not really an option there. The iRiver only has a headphone out. The
>> cable splits into rca right and left, which plugs into the CD-in on
>> my amp. But, previous to buying the iRiver, my setup was spdif-out
>> from my laptop using the same cable into CD-in. No apparent loss of
>> volume there. My guess is that the iRiver was designed for headphones
>> only, not as an audio source for an amp. So the solution is to beef
>> the gains on the files.
>> While I'd love to use open source vorbis, it's clear that the iRiver
>> doesn't support replaygain tags. Or AAC. In other words I'm
>> *settling* for mp3...
> Whilst you seem to have made up your mind this time, for anyone who
> reads the archives in the future with a similar issue, a pre-amp might
> be worth a try in this situation. The "headphone amps" that
> Jaycar/Altronics sell might also be worth a look.

For anyone reading the archives: using a headphone amp to boost the
signal further is probably *also* going to increase the odds of burning
out something, probably the amp input, but possibly the headphone amp.

Headphones, speakers and line-level inputs or outputs are not
electrically compatible.

> However, I am not an expert - this advice is subject to any pluggers
> who actually grok this sort of electronics saying otherwise.

What he needs is something that generates a line-level output, which the
headphone socket can't deliver.  You might get something that had a
headphone input on one side and a line-out on the other...


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