[plug] [Semi-OT] Jobs list?

Adam Hewitt ahewitt at theozhewitts.com
Fri Apr 3 11:27:32 WST 2009

Hi All,

As my contract doesn't look like its going to be renewed due to the
global financial crisis, I am back on the (seemingly small) job
market. Is there a plug list for announcing job vacancies/applications
for linux related positions? If not is it best to send it to this list
or OT (I can't help but feel the OT audience is limited in usefulness
for this kind of email)?

Alternatively are there any other places that you have used to say
that you are looking for work (apart from seek, employment agencies
and whirlpool)? From what I have heard the job market for IT
professionals in Perth is not as bad as it seems, it's just that you
need to know someone to get the job...ie. they aren't being
advertised. Given that I have just accepted the keys to a new house
and have a family to look after I am getting fairly nervous about
finding a job.



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