[plug] Free PCs, plus genuine recycling of electronic gear

Leon Brooks leon-plug at cyberknights.com.au
Thu Apr 9 14:34:34 WST 2009

I have been tasked with finding a home for some older PCs.

They have CRT screens, random amounts of memory for 256MB
on up, random amounts of disk from a few tens of GB on up,
generally have Ethernet, may or may not have a CD drive,
may or may not have a 3.5in floppy.

They will be wiped completely, installed with Ubuntu,
you will be told a root password plus there will be a
default user created.

They will be available from East Perth.

For the electronics which cannot be made useful, I seek
someone who will genuinely recycle them (e.g. send the
boards to be disassembled, maybe even crushed & smelted.

Cheers; Leon

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