[plug] Free PCs, plus genuine recycling of electronic gear

Gregory Orange gregory.orange at metoceanengineers.com
Thu Apr 9 14:56:27 WST 2009

Leon Brooks wrote:
> I have been tasked with finding a home for some older PCs.
> They have CRT screens, random amounts of memory for 256MB
> on up, random amounts of disk from a few tens of GB on up,
> generally have Ethernet, may or may not have a CD drive,
> may or may not have a 3.5in floppy.
> They will be wiped completely, installed with Ubuntu,
> you will be told a root password plus there will be a
> default user created.
> They will be available from East Perth.

Do you know about the Murdoch Uni 8ball programme? I don't know if it's 
useful to you, or relevant. http://www.guild.murdoch.edu.au/services/8ball/

> For the electronics which cannot be made useful, I seek
> someone who will genuinely recycle them (e.g. send the
> boards to be disassembled, maybe even crushed & smelted.

I usually take my gear here (copy & paste from WhitePages):
Collin's Recycling Depot
(08) 9457 3973
16 Kembla Way
Willetton WA 6155
Fax (08) 9457 3223
Mobile Service 0417 964 758
wisey2001 at bigpond.com

Once I took gear to a place in Osborne Park but I can't remember the 
name. Hmm, might have been CleanWorld Recyling. Also I've heard Sims 
Metal (Welshpool and Spearwood in WhitePages) will take gear. CRTs 
generally aren't free to drop off anywhere tho - something to do with 
legislation requiring they're de-chemical'd properly.

I used to point people to a wastewise.wa.gov.au page but it 404s now and 
I can't find anything similar.

This will all be relevant to us soon, because we have a bunch of stuff I 
need to sort and discard.


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