[plug] Gnome's annoying Windoze-isms

Jason Posavec jasonposavec at iinet.net.au
Sat Apr 11 14:58:50 WST 2009

I run gnome primarily because it is meant to be faster and lighter than 
the KDE alternative, while still keeping functionality. But as of 2.24, 
I've noticed some cpu-intensive "decoration" creeping in. The biggest 
being the thumbnail views, even in list view. An example is 200Gb of 
Doctor Who avi's I have on a portable hard drive. When I click on that 
directory, it can easily take up to a minute before I can do anything 
with the files while all the hundreds of thumbnails load.

List View used to be text only, and that's how I liked it. Now I can't 
seem to turn the thumbnails off at all. Does anybody have any 
suggestions? Is there a gnome toolbox I don't know about?


Jason Posavec

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