[plug] Fedora 10

William Kenworthy billk at iinet.net.au
Sat Apr 25 08:14:25 WST 2009

Ive benn (lightly) usig F10 for a few things and can confirm the kde
version looks pretty, but a fair bit doesnt seem to work as it should.
The gnome version however, works well and has none of the problems you
are seeing with kde.  I still wouldnt say its a lot better than ubuntu,
probably on a par.

Autodetection in modern X is supposed to be so good that you dont need a
conf file these days ... yeah, right :)


On Fri, 2009-04-24 at 21:03 +0800, Jim Householder wrote:
> Hi
> I have just installed F-10 from the "Linux Format" LXFDVD115.  The
> magazine seems to think it's better than Ubuntu, and the Next Great Thing.
> My experience with it so far is rather less.  The first problem was,
> after checking the media, the distribution disk could not be found even
> though the installation software was currently running from it.
> A reboot fixed that.  Then came the reboot after all the packages were
> installed.  No eject, no message to remove the disc, just a reboot.
> I removed the disc, rebooted again, and everything went fine.  Until I
> tried to install an update.  KPackageKit crashed the first time I tried
> to use it.  Subsequent times I was able to select a program to install,
> but always got an "authentication failed" message, even though I ran it
> as root via kdesu.  I tried changing selinux from enforcing to
> permissive, but no difference.  Any clues as to what it's looking for?
> If I persist with this, I may well go back to smart, once I get the
> repos set up again.
> I don't know if it is related to KDE 4.1, but there is no xorg.conf.  I
> will have to do a bit of searching to find where the X configuration is
> now, so I can customise my Intuos III pad.
> For now I think I will stick with Gentoo, but drop the 64-bit version
> and install the 32-bit.  Too much is still not available for 64.
> My 2 cents worth...
> Jim
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