[plug] Fedora 10

Daniel Pittman daniel at rimspace.net
Mon Apr 27 09:13:48 WST 2009

Jim Householder <nofixed at westnet.com.au> writes:

> Thanks.  I finally got bitten trying to take a shortcut.  I thought if
> it's possible to have an xorg.conf, why not copy the one I've been
> using.  Not a good idea.

Actually, that is a fine idea in most cases; the files are mostly
compatible between versions.  I did this for years, successfully. :)

> Not only did I loose the gui, removing xorg.conf failed to restore it.

It is a good idea to preserve the original file you are replacing,
though, just in case. ;)

> Anyway, I reinstalled from scratch on an older 32-bit Intel system and
> it's working now.
> Curious thing though.  I initially installed on a 64-bit AMD system
> with only one hdd, and used the entire disk.  When I tried using the
> disk on the 32-bit Intel system, it failed to boot, saying an LVM
> could not be found.  It looks like maybe the installer detected the
> 64-bit cpu and installed some code not good on 32-bit.  Or
> something...

As far as I know the LVM headers should be compatible between 32 and 64
bit, and those are data, not code...  Strange, as you say.

> Other than fine control over what programs are run as root, is there a
> difference between sudo and kdesu?

Yes.  The later (like kdesudo) is designed to run X11 applications as
another user, while the former isn't.  Mostly this is xauth related stuff.


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