[plug] OS virtual meeting applications?

Denis Brown dsbrown at cyllene.uwa.edu.au
Wed Apr 29 17:50:02 WST 2009

Hello Plug list members,

Looking for open source virtual meeting (audio + video) solutions and I'm 
obviously not hitting Google with the correct phrases :-(

Something along the lines of Webex or MS's Live Meeting but capable of 
being hosted internally preferably on Linux.

Ability to "hand control over" to other nodes would be essential as this 
would be used in a virtual meeting, virtual tutorial room situation.

Using built-in audio devices would probably be the only way to go - 
although there may be coupling to VoIP which could allow normal PSTN 'phone 
users to participate as well.

Video would come from OO.o presentations for example, or webcams and may 
include local whiteboards visible to the other nodes.

Ability to interface with interactive whiteboards would be a bonus :-)

Nodes could be Linux, OS-X, Windows.

Any thoughts?

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