[plug] OS virtual meeting applications?

Skribe Productions skribeproductions at gmail.com
Wed Apr 29 19:43:06 WST 2009

Denis Brown wrote:
> Hello Plug list members,
> Looking for open source virtual meeting (audio + video) solutions and 
> I'm obviously not hitting Google with the correct phrases :-(
> Something along the lines of Webex or MS's Live Meeting but capable of 
> being hosted internally preferably on Linux.
> Ability to "hand control over" to other nodes would be essential as 
> this would be used in a virtual meeting, virtual tutorial room situation.
> Using built-in audio devices would probably be the only way to go - 
> although there may be coupling to VoIP which could allow normal PSTN 
> 'phone users to participate as well.
> Video would come from OO.o presentations for example, or webcams and 
> may include local whiteboards visible to the other nodes.
> Ability to interface with interactive whiteboards would be a bonus :-)
> Nodes could be Linux, OS-X, Windows. 
Have you considered a 3d immersive virtual environment?  Second Life is 
probably the best well known but there are lots to choose from.  Some 
even run in your web browser. Drop me a note off-list if that's a 
direction you'd like to explore.



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