[plug] [OT] IT Certifications

Paul Antoine pma-la at milleng.com.au
Thu Apr 30 10:49:09 WST 2009

The cover letter is very important to me when I'm hiring... a lot more 
so than the resume.  Lots of "hops" in the resume are a red flag though.

I think all but one of my jobs in 24 years in the industry came via 
friends... and I have no degree!

I also agree with Keith... it's character traits that hold people back 
or make them ideal :-)


Tim wrote:
>> Final point. I think building a network of gainfully employed geeks is
>> going to help you out much more than a resume. I was introduced to my
>> current employer by a couple of friends from the local LUG. So get
>> along to your local LUG, make some friends, learn some things and
>> eventually one of them will recommend you to a potential employer :)
> This is a great point you make. Now if only my best mate still had his
> IT job....
> I've heard on the grapevine that Schools are looking for IT personal,
> due to the government giving them lots of money for the 1 computer per
> 2 students thing. So my first avenu is going to be applying at
> schools. I have a friend already in one school, but no vacancies
> there. My resume does look good, I try and rely on a short but
> interesting cover letter rather than my resume, to highlight my IT
> skills experience, so I'll keep trying, and maybe enrol in a course to
> get at least one qualification to boot.
> Thanks
> Tim

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