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A good discription for a lot of modders :)
Usually described by computer people that buy set boxes, but scared to open and tinker :D

Modders JUST means someone that MODIFY their standard computer for DIFFERENT reasons
Mods just mean the changes.
ie someone that tricks out their car or someone that tunes their car
everyone can get their parts from somewhere in the world but thats not the same as ducking down to the repco store :D
Can always form an opion on what someone thinks by what they write :)
Or not read :D

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> > Being the the lil boy I am (can't wait, can't wait :)
> >
> > which shop do you reckon is the best for computer mod equipment in
> Perth?
> >
> > Not the one where you may as well order from eastern states but the
> > one you can go and see/actually get while there?
> >
> > Thanks
> >
> What is "computer mod equipment"?
> --
> Bret Busby
> Armadale
> West Australia
> ..............

Usually computer "bling" like flashy lights, water cooling, small
radiators bolted to chunks of metal... :)
Mostly expensive things to make cheap hardware run better, instead of
buying the better stuff in the first place. 

Unfortunately, it's still specialised so computer stores have a token
smattering of pieces, and almost everything is ordered over the internet
from places like AusPCMarket.com.au

I'm interested in the results of this since most reviews and opinions
online now are seeded by the manufacturers :S

Craig F.
(Been there done that :P)
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