[plug] best computer mod shop in Perth

Brad Campbell brad at wasp.net.au
Thu Feb 12 14:54:06 WST 2009

WolfBite wrote:
> A good discription for a lot of modders :)
> Usually described by computer people that buy set boxes, but scared to 
> open and tinker :D
> Modders JUST means someone that MODIFY their standard computer for 
> DIFFERENT reasons
> Mods just mean the changes.
> ie someone that tricks out their car or someone that tunes their car

Hrm.. I reckon if people spent more time programming their computers than polishing them, the 
software world would be a whole different kettle of fish right now. Having said that we still have 
Microsoft mediocreware and Commodores with home-made galv-steel spoilers. Nuff said..

Disclaimer : I write software, however I also spend time tuning my car. While doing this makes the 
car faster and more responsive, it also makes it more efficient and therefore better for the planet.

Dolphins are so intelligent that within a few weeks they can
train Americans to stand at the edge of the pool and throw them

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