[plug] Unattended reset of ADSL modem

Steve Boak sboak at westnet.com.au
Tue Feb 17 09:47:44 WST 2009

Hi All

I have a problem down here in the sticks of Nannup that 'something' locks up 
my ADSL modem (iConnectAccess 624) occasionally. 'Occasionally' is around a 
couple of months, but the last two times have been when I was away from home 
and unable to reach the power switch to reset it, so losing access to all my 
server facilities for a few days.

I suspect it's not my modem at fault, but something happening at the local 
exchange the drops the line, but what ever the cause it seems to require at 
least a soft reset of the modem to recover.

My question is, how is this sort of problem handled in the commercial world 
where this type of downtime would be intolerable? I've thought of scripting 
an automatic reset through the modem control web page, or reinstating a 
dialup modem to get limited access, but what do other people do?


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