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gavin chester gavin.chester at gmail.com
Wed Feb 18 19:33:00 WST 2009

2009/2/18 Adrian Chadd <adrian at creative.net.au>:
> Get some books.
> Adrian
> On Tue, Feb 17, 2009, Patrick Coleman wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Before the AGM, Lance Duivenbode (our friendly PLUG librarian) asked
>> that I raise the issue of PLUG library and ask how it might be
>> improved. I cleverly forgot, so I'm posting to the list on his behalf
>> for a discussion here.
>> Last year, the library got two requests for materials. How can the
>> committee make the library more relevant, so it gets used by more
>> people? If people would like us to subscribe to Ubuntu shippit that's
>> a good start, but any other suggestions are welcome.

Other than Adrian's tongue-in-cheek (?) response, I wonder if the
members be asked the relevance of the library? I'm not a financial
member so I have no say in it, but instead offer the suggestion that
perhaps the idea of a 'library' is redundant these days for a linux
group. To me, the library would have served when few had access to
distros on disc for doing their installs. These days discs are either
'everywhere' on mag covers or you can download them fairly fast on
broadband, or get a friend to do same. Also, hardcopy or 'real' books
written about software are initially expensive and go out of date very
fast. The latter feature means that you can usually get them cheap
only a year after publishing, for example.

My unauthorised $0.05 ;-)


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