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Patrick Coleman blinken at gmail.com
Tue Feb 24 22:27:36 WST 2009

On Tue, Feb 24, 2009 at 8:36 PM, Lance Duivenbode <plug at duivenbode.id.au> wrote:
> Sorry about the lack of input into this - real life has kept me busy as of
> late. Thanks also to Patrick for getting the ball rolling - even if he did
> forget at the AGM ;-)
> So from what I've read, there are two views here.
> The first is that we increase the actual stock the library carries - which
> at the moment consists of some relatively out of date books and some
> CDs/DVDs. The main problem I see with this is expenditure - since we're a
> volunteer organisation with minimal income I don't see how we can purchase
> materials on a regular basis so too keep 'up-to-date'. For example, I saw a
> great book on Ubuntu 8.10 in Boffins the other day, but it was $75. Does
> PLUG really have that the money to be buying copies of it? An alternative to
> buying books is to perhaps organise some kind of sponsorship program where
> books are materials are donated.

Grants from people like Linux Australia are possible, or sponsorship
from local business. It does become a problem if the books rapidly
become out of date, though. I like having some form of physical
library, but perhaps this could just be restricted to pressed copies
of the latest Ubuntu release, and whatever books we have at the

> The second option, which I favour myself (even if it means I might actually
> have to do something!), is to create a repository of resources - preferably
> in some wiki type format. I envisage that such a repository would contain
> links to documentation (such as those that Ari regularly emails to this
> list), hints and tips, reviews on materials (i.e. book reviews with links to
> local stores that have them), and important GNU/Linux related information
> (such as local APT mirrors). I don't think it will need to be heavily
> moderated, but I'm keen on the idea of only fully paid members being able to
> edit it. Myself (and perhaps others) could then review all changes on a
> monthly or similar basis.

I think the online library is a great idea, as long as a librarian
exists to maintain it. It does have the potential to become a
sprawling mass of dead links, or alternately something that noone
contributes to, but if you're happy to take a firm editorial role and
nag people into contributing then it could work well.


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