[plug] problem obtaining information

Phillip Twiss phillip.twiss at det.wa.edu.au
Wed Feb 25 08:38:09 WST 2009


	You could try a post to Ausnog perhaps, or Nanog if they are really run from outside Australia

	Their support web link doesn't work for me and is redirecting to a .com domain on the 65.99.229.x ip's whereas the .au has 202.146.209.x addresses

	Have you tried the following?  The Phone number looks bogus

Systems Administrator
PO BOX 10475

Southport BC QLD, 4125 AU
Phone: +61.1300000000 
Fax: 730203856
admin at netquadrant.com

	Chasing netquadrant.com whois

Whois Agent
PMB 368, 14150 NE 20th St - F1
C/O netquadrant.com
Bellevue WA, 98007 US
Phone: +1.4252740657 
Fax: +1.4256960234
ktvtmqnrn at whoisprivacyprotect.com


	Phill Twiss

	P.S.  have you tried a AXFR from their servers? Who holds the registration info ( glue records )?  You can just change the glue and drop them as authoritive servers but unless you can XFR the domain, you will need to recreate the zone manually.  If you just drop them and cannot get them to delete the records, then the only people it should affect is anyone who is one of their clients using them as forwarders etc.

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I've been asked to setup a client dns zone records on our DNS servers and
while trying to get in contact with the previous company that held these
records I've run into a blank wall.
Has anyone had any dealings with a company called quadrahosting? I cannot
get a phone number from them or have anyone respond properly to my
questions.  Is there another route I can take to obtain the information
and have their server flush the clients information?


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WA, Australia

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