[plug] problem obtaining information

Daniel Pittman daniel at rimspace.net
Wed Feb 25 09:49:47 WST 2009

"Jon L. Miller" <jlmiller at mmtnetworks.com.au> writes:

> I've been asked to setup a client dns zone records on our DNS servers and
> while trying to get in contact with the previous company that held these
> records I've run into a blank wall.
> Has anyone had any dealings with a company called quadrahosting?

No, but I have dealt with problems changing DNS records due to their
being hosted with companies that no longer exist, respond, or have a
relationship with my clients.

In general the approach I found worked best was:

1. Clone the current zone to a pair of DNS servers you(r client)
   control.  I use zoneedit.com if I want a free service to host DNS for
   clients, and they don't have the hardware.[1]

2. Find the domain registration details.

3. When it turns out they lost those years ago, contact the registrar of
   record and go through the paper-and-faxing process to regain control
   of the domain.

4. Change the recorded DNS servers to the pair I configured in step one.
   Now, I can make changes or whatever without nearly so much pain.

5. Get in touch with the original DNS hosting provider and try to get
   them to remove the service.  Sometimes just failing to pay the bill
   until they call is needed, other times it only takes a few dozen
   calls, but at least they don't block changes any more.


[1]  zoneedit make money by providing up to 5 free zones, and billing
     you after that; a number of my clients ended up taking up the
     commercial service after using the free service for a while.

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