[plug] iinet freezone

Niffum bulkniffum at iinet.net.au
Wed Jan 7 00:26:00 WST 2009

Looks like i missed something... Here I was thinking that the 'free 
zone' was anything connected to waix... I wasn't very impressed when 
i clicked on 'freezone' on the iinet web page and it came up with all 
this crap... I saw a mention of a plugin to block flash in 
firefox.  I use noscript in firefox.  Nothing funnier than blocking 
statistics that go back to google.... its amazing what web developers 
now think they can do... must believe that no one is watching.  Its 
nice to have a little control over what content _I_ want my browser to play.

I saw a mention to iiNets NASA feed and the use of telnet.  I like 
using wget then i can chop chop and follow the trail till i find the 
content I want and play it how i want to play it.

Its also along the lines of websites that make it difficult to 
download content... they want to 'own' the content... but usually the 
content was never their content to start with.  Who wants to watch 
youtube live... lag, latency... pft. the plugin for firefox called 
DownloadHelper seems to download flv files right from youtube so i 
can watch them without any pauses...skips...and i don't have to screw 
around trying to find a link, it just does it for me.

I would ring iinet support, but i have a feeling iinet support would 
be the kind of support that would sell me an adsl1 filter for 
adsl2+... or they would tell me to check my dns settings (I run my 
own two dns servers ,one for good luck, iinets have never been much 
much chop for me)

I use the ftp site for my debian sources.list, but it seems to be as 
stable as the iinet name servers... when i want it, it doesn't 
work.  I only use it because its apparently part of the 'freezone'.

At 10:11 AM 1/01/2009, you wrote:
>Thanks Bernd
>That link looks like what I am looking for.I am finally back to
>where I was before iinet decided to upgrade their site.
>Correspondence with iinet support would indicate either they don't know
>their product or they don't want people to be using ftp because as far
>as they are concerned you either have flash installed or you can't use
>the free zone.
>Thanks for all your help guys.

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