[plug] iinet freezone

Craig Foster Craig at fostware.net
Sat Jan 10 00:04:46 WST 2009

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> On Fri, Jan 09, 2009, Craig Foster wrote:
> > Only issues with iiNet's DNS that I've had are occasional NXDOMAIN
> > returns, but those outages are usually over pretty quick. I use
> OpenDNS
> > as secondaries so that customers never see any real downtime and
> because
> > geographically and route-independent services are a "good
> >
> Be careful, that may throw off GeoIP DNS type services and skew
> to go to offnet destinations.
> Your'e better off in the long run trying to work with iiNet to solve
> their random NXDOMAIN issues versus you (and others) migrating to
> party name servers.
> Adrian

Lol, I badger mates at iiNet about it every so often. (no snaaaake jokes
I only use OpenDNS as a backup, as Akamai/Cachefly/Sourceforge/iiNet
linux mirrors comprise most of our customers' large traffic sources.

Craig F.

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