[plug] webcam advice requested

Russell Steicke russellsteicke at gmail.com
Fri Jan 30 14:26:46 WST 2009

Hello PLUG,

I'm after advice for purchasing a webcam to remotely monitor some
equipment.  The camera will be in a dome about 30m from the office,
and we have run ethernet out there, so a stand-alone network camera is
best.  We have one at the moment, but it turns out to require an
ActiveX plugin and not work very well anyway.

Image quality is not too important.  We mainly want to see if anyone
is in the dome, and which way the 2.4m dish is pointing.

The more important requirements are in decreasing priority:

- Available right now.  I prefereably need it within the next week.

- Ethernet connection, not USB.

- The images should be viewable on a RHEL4 i386 machine, as all the
controlling and processing boxes run RHEL4.  (Hence I'm on topic!)

- Having images viewable with a plain web browser without plugins or
flash would be very nice.

- IR LEDs so we can see things at night without lights, perhaps would be good.

- Being able to view images from multiple machines concurrently would
be nice, too.

Does anyone have any recommendations for web cameras that would fit
these requirements?


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