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Hi Rob,

I've dabble and checked out a lot of iso :)

main ones I still have the best luck with (without changing anything)
system rescue
linux mint V4 (this still seems to work with all boxes I chuck at it)


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Hi Pluggers,

I am trying to upgrade an old machine (a Cyrix 6x86). It currently has
Redhat 7.1 on it.

It won't boot from a CD drive, so I am using a floppy with the Smart Boot Loader on it. This is all working OK.

However, both the
* ubuntu desktop 8.04;
* ubuntu alternative installation CD

crash with a kernel panic message. I have tried the boot options
"acpi=off noapic nolapic" but this changes nothing.

I have also tried Puppy linux with acpi=off but it crashes with
"BUG: Int 6: CR2 00000000"
I have tried a web search on this bug message but done see anything useful.  It appears to be quite common, in different circumstances (virtual machines etc).

any suggestions?


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