[plug] Consolidated supply

Paul hooker at iinet.net.au
Sun Nov 1 02:35:13 WST 2009

That's right. With iiNet you waive the CSG - Customer Service Guarantee.
Basically it means that you realise and accept that the service doesn't
offer the same availability guarantees that Telstra does. Mind you, a
lot of people use mains-powered phones in their houses these days which
means of course, that if the power to the house goes, so does their
phone service.

As Brad says "horses for courses".

I've found the Naked DSL package to meet what I need, and the monthly
bill for voice calls is almost zero (the odd call to mobile or 13xx
numbers) in spite of being on the phone for a few hours a month. For me
that works. And the quotas are large enough for me not to have to worry.


On Sat, 2009-10-31 at 21:41 +0800, Kirk Turner wrote:
> 2009/10/31 Brad Campbell <brad at wasp.net.au>:
> > Of course. My point was when I did the price comparison earlier this year,
> > it appeared the "naked" services still cost about $20/month on top of a
> > basic adsl plan. When the Telstra home packages costs about $20/month then I
> > get a real exchange backed-up land line plus all the other services I'd have
> > on the naked package for about the same cost.
> Yes- you are right - I think its strange that the governing bodies
> allow it - but Telstra offer the basic service at $21 a month - which
> as far as I know is about $6 less than the other telcos pay telstra
> for the line rental. iinet's naked adsl rate is only $10 a more than
> the equivalent broadband package and then you only pay for calls to
> 1300, mobile and international (local/std calls are free) -whereas you
> pay through the nose (comparitively speaking) for the phone calls on
> the basic home telstra package. But you do sign something that says
> you wave the rights that are required of a standard phone service with
> naked DSL.
> Kirk
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