[plug] Consolidated supply

Jason Posavec jasonposavec at iinet.net.au
Sun Nov 1 09:22:14 WST 2009

Brad Campbell wrote:
> Of course. My point was when I did the price comparison earlier this 
> year, it appeared the "naked" services still cost about $20/month on 
> top of a basic adsl plan. When the Telstra home packages costs about 
> $20/month then I get a real exchange backed-up land line plus all the 
> other services I'd have on the naked package for about the same cost.
> Horses for courses I guess.
Is this true? I haven't followed the cost of line rental for a couple of 
years now, since I went "naked", but last I heard it was about $50 a 
month for line rental, THEN anything else you might want such as making 
a phone call or something. If Telstra is now charging $20 a month for a 
package that includes line rental, then that is pretty impressive.

Jason Posavec

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