[plug] Consolidated supply - clarification?

David Dartnall darts at dialix.com.au
Wed Nov 4 14:26:36 WST 2009

The last half-dozen or so posts to this subject by Brad, Paul and Kirk 
have made me look closer at Telstra's contract? with me.
We received a letter from them last week advising that their monthly 
access charge for our Homeline Part Plan is to be increased from $34.45 
to $34.95, and the line rental discount is to be removed.

Apparently we're on a "part" plan because  we use Optus for 
international calls, or mobile.. In any event it's dearer than the 
Homeline Plus plan that we thought we were on, at $29.95 per month.

And in addition, the letter outlined some of the finer print relating to 
Telstra's plans:

1. Only one fixed line per customer.

2. You must agree not to acquire services from other carriage providers 
by dialling their access override code.

3. You must not acquire a broadband service from another service 
provider which is provided by using line sharing technology.

Does item 3 rule out taking Telstra's Homeline Budget plan at $20.95 and 
using another ISP for broadband?

Or Optus' Budget Home at $29.95 with $50 included calls and using 
another ISP?

Dave Dartnall

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