[plug] Consolidated supply - clarification?

Brad Campbell brad at wasp.net.au
Wed Nov 4 15:16:48 WST 2009

Garry wrote:
> I wonder if the competition bodies in the government would approve of this?
> Garry.
>> 2. You must agree not to acquire services from other carriage 
>> providers by dialling their access override code.
>> 3. You must not acquire a broadband service from another service 
>> provider which is provided by using line sharing technology.

Interesting you mention that.

Telstra Retail (the provider of the $20.95 HomeLine Budget package) leases the line from Telstra 
Wholesale. Telstra Wholesale knows what is connected to that line. Apparently it is illegal for 
Telstra Wholesale to allow Telstra Retail access to that information.

When I got a phone call from Tesltra Retail noting I had a non-Telstra internet service that uses 
"line sharing technology" and "asking" me if I'd like to "upgrade" to a Tesltra provided internet 
service, I simply asked them where they got their information from. When they asked why I wanted to 
know I mentioned it was a vital piece of information I needed for my letter to the 
Telecommunications Ombudsman as it proved a lack of separation between Telstra Retail and Telstra 
Wholesale. Nothing has been mentioned about it since :)

I've also been told you can just threaten to take them to the ACCC.

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