[plug] OT: Pool of IPs for testing load-balanced connections

Daniel Pittman daniel at rimspace.net
Thu Sep 3 12:09:31 WST 2009

Adrian Woodley <Adrian at Diskworld.com.au> writes:


> The (minor) issue I'm facing is that for the load balancing to work, the
> router (embedded system running pfSense) needs to be able to ping a (unique)
> target out on the Internet. What I need is a pool of very stable IPs to test
> against, say around two dozen.
> The targets must be IPs, rather than host-names, as until a ping is
> successful there is no Internet connection and therefore no DNS.
> Any suggestions?

Yes: don't, no matter what people say, use any IP other than an IP your
company owns and controls.

Don't abuse other people by treating them as a resource to be used without
specifically making an arrangement with them directly.

So, in other words: use your own services.

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