[plug] Free Silicon Graphics and Sun hardware

Matthew Lambie mlambie at thefrontiergroup.com.au
Thu Sep 3 13:20:38 WST 2009

Hi everyone,

I've got a range of SGI and Sun hardware that I'm looking to get rid  
of, including:

   * 3x SGI Indy
   * 2x SGI 540 (Intel processors)
   * SGI Indigo2
   * SGI Origin
   * 10+ Sun SunRay 150 (15" LCD thin client)
   * 17" SGI monitor
   * Sun "pizza box"
   * Cables, manuals, IRIX install CDs, mice, keyboards...

Last time I used the gear it was all working, and I've installed Linux  
on most of these machines at some point. I haven't played with this  
gear for a few years and someone else might have more fun with it.

Contact me off-list if you want any of it. Pick up only - I'm in  
Victoria Park.



Matthew Lambie
Technical Director

9, 1010 Wellington Street
West Perth, WA 6005

tel: +61 8 9322 3055
fax: +61 8 6314 4610
mob: +61 408 866 997

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