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Bret Busby bret at busby.net
Mon Sep 14 10:56:47 WST 2009

On Sat, 12 Sep 2009, Tim wrote:

> I'm looking at getting a cheap color laser printer soon. I see Arrow
> has the Samsung CLP-310 for $199 atm.
> Can anyone comment on how well this printer works under linux, and
> cost per page?
> Any other suggestions for cheap color laser for Linux? (Mostly print
> black and white but with the occasional color)
> Thanks
> Tim

What distribution and version of the distribution, are you using?

I have a Samsung CLP300, which was automatically installed and set up, 
as soon as it was plugged in to a computer running Ubuntu 8.04 LTS and 
Debian 5.0, but, it does not appear to be able to get working with 
Debian 4.0.

Before you buy a printer, go to your nearest Harvey Norman store (and, 
perhaps, another one that is not too far away), for alternative pricing. 
Some significant discounts have been found, that way.

Depending on the application for which you want the colour printring, 
you may want to consider a monochrome laser printer, and a colour 

I have also a Samsung ML-2010, that cost about $100, and prints fairly 
well (and, it also works with Debian 4.0!), which is fine for monochrome 
and grayscale printing.

With the CLP300, I printed a flyer for an organistaion, that had colour 
in it (bright blue and gold and yellow), in addition to black text and 
bordering, and that printed okay. But, when I printed a photo on A4 
paper, using the CLP300, the printout was too dark, yet printing the 
same photo on A4, with an HP PSC-1350 (colour inkjet multifunction kind 
of thingy), the image printed perfectly, with the colours just right.

I understand that the image could have been altered, to print correctly 
on the CLP300, but, unless I kept separate copies of the image, 
comfigured for each separate printer, the simplest thing is to print the 
image on the appropriate printer, without modification of the image.

Other than that particular issue, the CLP300 is a good printer.

Oh, and, make sure that you keep, and can easily locate, the receipt for 
whatever printer you buy. I had purchased a second ML-2010, as the price 
offered, made it cheaper to replace the printer than the cartridge, but, 
when the first cartridge on the first ML-2010 ran out, and I tried to 
use the second ML-2010, the paper feed roller did not pick up the paper, 
and, as I could not find the receipt, I could not get the problem fixed, 
and had to take the cartridge out of the new ML-2010, and put it in the 
old ML-2010, and, the new ML-2010 is now worthless. To get the roller 
fixed, with the repair being chargeable, would cost more than replacing 
the printer.

Bret Busby
West Australia

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