[plug] Samsung CLP-310

Peter demo9 at gswd.com
Thu Sep 17 22:17:53 WST 2009

Tim wrote:
> I'm looking at getting a cheap color laser printer soon. I see Arrow
> has the Samsung CLP-310 for $199 atm.
> Can anyone comment on how well this printer works under linux, and
> cost per page?
> Any other suggestions for cheap color laser for Linux? (Mostly print
> black and white but with the occasional color)
> Thanks
> Tim
I use a CLP-315 with Linux (My flavor of choice is Mint 7 (64)).  It 
works fine although i have had a few issues with it refusing to print 
web pages from Firefox ???   Everything else prints fine.  Cost of 
printing?   Hmmm   dunno.  Had it 9 months. Still on the original toner(s).

I can concur with Bret that it tends to print colour stuff (photos) 
quite dark.

BTW,  I paid around $160 for mine.  Was the last one in the shop 
(Cannington Hardly Normal) when i bought it.


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