[plug] Samsung CLP-310

Bret Busby bret at busby.net
Fri Sep 18 01:34:05 WST 2009

On Thu, 17 Sep 2009, Peter wrote:

> Tim wrote:
>> I'm looking at getting a cheap color laser printer soon. I see Arrow
>> has the Samsung CLP-310 for $199 atm.
>> Can anyone comment on how well this printer works under linux, and
>> cost per page?
>> Any other suggestions for cheap color laser for Linux? (Mostly print
>> black and white but with the occasional color)
>> Thanks
>> Tim
> I use a CLP-315 with Linux (My flavor of choice is Mint 7 (64)).  It works 
> fine although i have had a few issues with it refusing to print web pages 
> from Firefox ???   Everything else prints fine.  Cost of printing?   Hmmm 
> dunno.  Had it 9 months. Still on the original toner(s).
> I can concur with Bret that it tends to print colour stuff (photos) quite 
> dark.
> BTW,  I paid around $160 for mine.  Was the last one in the shop (Cannington 
> Hardly Normal) when i bought it.
> Peter.

One thing occurred to me today - my problem with my CLP-300 printing 
photographs dark, is not a problem with the printer - rather, it is a 
problem with the individual application(s) from which the printing is 

The particular photograph that printed too dark to be any good, was 
printed from the GIMP.

I have, over the last couple of days, printed a different photograph, 
from Open Office Writer, and, from Adobe Reader (having saved the 
document containing the photo, as a PDF file), and, the photograph 
printed slightly differently, with different colour saturation, between 
the different software packages. The Adobe Reader print output, was more 
natural, and, truer, in the colours of the printed result.

So, I believe that the issue of the darkness of the printer output for 
photographs, is software-dependent, not printer-dependent, in this case.

I suggest, Peter, that you import a photograph, preferably a human 
portrait, so it includes skintones, into an Open Office Writer document, 
print the document from Open Office Writer, then export the document as 
a PDF file, and, print the document from Acrobat Reader, and, compare 
the print results, and, post a description of the comparison. It could 
be useful to other people, also.

Bret Busby
West Australia

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