[plug] netboot portmap init fail

Lucas van Staden lvs at dedmeet.com
Thu Dec 9 08:08:54 WST 2010


I am a bit stuck, and hoping someone can throw some suggestions on what 
I am missing.

I have taken my lounge pc (atom based) hd install (Ubuntu netbook remix 
10.04) and attempting to turn it into a netboot system from my NAS.
I have everything regarding bootp/dhcp etc etc setup and as far as I can 
see working (but maybe missing something?)

The atom machine boots up fine from a network menu, and the root looks 
like it is properly attached as I get into init.
That is where I am now stuck.

I get to the following error:

init: portmap main process (331) exited with status 1
init: portmap main process ended, respawning
init portmap post-process (332) exited with status 1

and that is to where the boot process gets.
I can ping the ip, so the interface is up.

Any help or suggestions appreciated.

Lucas van Staden

http://www.vanstaden.com.au/ (Linux)

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